[ZP] Extra Item: Dragon Cannon (present for all)

Name: Dragon Cannon
Version: 1.0
Author: Dias

Name: Dragon Cannon
Version: 1.0
Author: Dias

Information: A new Powerful weapon from CSO called \”Dragon Cannon\”. Can shoot multi \”fire\” at a time.
zp_dcannon_ammo // Default Ammo | Default: 20
zp_firedelay // Fire Delay | Default: 3.5
zp_dmgrandom_start // Random Damage Start from x | Default: 300.0
zp_dmgrandom_end // Random Damage End after x | Default: 500.0
–> In video i use: 300.0 and 2000.0

I hope everyone like this. Thank for who help me to buy game for my steam account :). I present this for all member who like and love CSO


– models
– sound
– sprites
– source code (sma)


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