[CS 1.6|AMXX] Fallen Titan Mode !

Made by Dias

Hi user. If you dreamed of Fallen Titan made by Dias Pendragon is the right place!

He once wrote that it \”release\” but he did not. After two years of waiting, now you get it from me. Fallen Titan is made by Dias but I introduced some improvements and small things.


Version 1.0

– Release Code

Version 1.3

– Added cut when will appear Fallen Titan
– Corrected Cannon Attack 1
– Corrected Dash Attack
– Fixed Footstep and Attack sounds
– New Fight Music :) (Name song: Sword Art Online Ost- Luminous Sword)
– Added different effects during the attack boss (for example: shake screen, reproaches up)
– Added GameMaster by Dias

Requirements needs to launch a mod:

– AmxModX 1.8.3
– GameMaster


To compile file .sma need to use a compiler, which is located in the folder SourceCode

Download Link: *CLICK ME*

Problems installing this mod? Write to me.


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