[Extra item] Brick Peace V2

CS Weapon Plugin for ZP & Normal Mode

-Has silencer in A mode
-Can kill multiple target with just 1 shot in B mode

-Missile does not instantly hit the targets

///////////////////////////////// Customize Inside SMA /////////////////////////////////

/////// MODE A ///////////
#define DEFAULT_CLIP 40
#define DEFAULT_BPAMMO 200
#define DEFAULT_DAMAGE 1.5
#define DEFAULT_SPEED 1.1
#define DEFAULT_RECOIL 0.8
#define RELOAD_TIME 3.0

/////// MODE B ///////////
#define ROCKET_AMMO 10
#define DAMAGE_EXPLODE 600.0
#define EXPLODE_RADIUS 200.0


To get this weapon in Normal mode:
Type in Console get_blockar

Download: CS-Weapons-Brick-Peace-V2.rar


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