[CS WEAPON] Janus-3 [by m4m3ts]

[CS WEAPON] Janus-3 [by m4m3ts]

Plugin CS Weapon Janus-3 For ZP & Normal mode

[CS WEAPON] Janus-3 [by m4m3ts]

Developed by Aegis Lab, this Janus Transformation System-equipped prototype version of Thompson Chicago is chambered with 50 rounds of .45 ACP. It can be transformed into Janus form after hitting with a certain number of shots, causing tremendous damage to the victim.

– High magazine capacity
– High accuracy
– Has Janus Transformation System
– Unlimited shots in Janus form
– High rate of fire in both form

– Janus form have short period of time while using
– High recoil in Janus form

Cvar inside the SMA.

Author: m4m3ts



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