[CSO] Costume (11+) (2013)

[CSO] Costume (11+) (2013)

[CSO] Costume (11+) (2013)

The costumes can be worn in game. For each different costumes, there will be a certain number of required parts. For instance, Cat Costume requires cat ears, cat tail and a tuna.
There are 11 Costumes at this time

(Note: Some images are missing in this table, dont worry)
[CSO] Costume (11+) (2013)


[CSO] Costume (11+) (2013)
[CSO] Costume (11+) (2013)

-> Copy the models folder to your cstrike folder
-> With normal gamemode ( CSO_Costume.sma ) and with Zombie Plague ( ZP_Addon_CSOCostume.sma )

-> To Use: Type /costume in chat, and a menu will be opened. Then select the one you liked
-> To Remove: Type /costume in chat, and select “No Use”. And then your costume will be removed.

Pig’s Pelvis and Squirrel models are broken.
So it may does not appear in game

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