[CSO] Thunderbolt v3 (Fixed + Optimized Code)

[CSO] Thunderbolt v3 (Fixed + Optimized Code)

[CSO] Thunderbolt v3 (Fixed + Optimized Code)
Thunderbolt features supersonic electromagnetic energy projectile or in short, railgun. It has the ability to penetrate obstacles and enemies with devastating fortissimo noises. In terms of visual, it has futuristic aesthetics. Thunderbolt is fed with 1 round of Battery, which must be reloaded after each shot. Its scope emit sound and changes color when an enemy had crossed through the scope crosshair.

Instant kill
Very accurate
Scope can detect enemies
Fast reload
High penetration power

Very heavy
Very expensive
Low reserve ammo
Expensive ammo
Single shot only


– Copy models, sound, sprites foldes to your cstrike folder
– You have 2 choices
+ You are using Zombie Plague 4.3: Use file zp_extra_thunderbolt_v3.sma
+ You are using a normal gameplay: Use file thunderbolt_v3.sma

– Get Thunderbolt
+ With ZP4.3: Open Extra Item menu
+ With Normal Server: Open Console and type “admin_get_thunderbolt” (Only for admin).
(You can change the command)

[Change Log]
V1.0: Released
V2.0: Fixed Screen Light -> Low FPS
V3.0: Fixed TraceAttack Bug -> Lag | Optimized Code to the best

– Author: Dias Leon –

Download v3

[CSO] Thunderbolt v3 (Fixed + Optimized Code)


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