[CSO] PlasmaGun (2013)

[CSO] PlasmaGun (2013)

[CSO] PlasmaGun (2013)
Plasma is a future assault rifle fed with 45 rounds. Although the projectiles move slower than bullets, the damage is massive. It uses the powerful energy of plasma and destroy everything in sight. Its secondary fire activate the scope. However, the firepower decreases over range.

Short reload time
Decent accuracy and recoil
Usable scope
Does not increase zombie’s anger bar
High damage
High magazine size
Projectiles deal splash damage
Plasma does not hit instantly
Low rate of fire
Heavy weight

[CSO Wikia] Plasma Gun


– Copy models, sound, sprites foldes to your cstrike folder
– You have 2 choices
+ You are using Zombie Plague 4.3: Use file zp_extra_plasmagun.sma
+ You are using a normal gameplay: Use file CSO_PlasmaGun.sma

– Get Plasma Gun
+ With ZP4.3: Open Extra Item menu
+ With Normal Server: Open Console and type “admin_get_plasmagun” (Only for admin).
(You can change the command)

– Author: Dias Leon –

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[CSO] PlasmaGun (2013)


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