[CSO] Beam Sword (LightSaber)(2013)

[CSO] Beam Sword (LightSaber)(2013)

[CSO] Beam Sword (LightSaber)(2013)
Beam Sword is a science fiction melee weapon made by unknown technology. It can glow in the dark and the user can turn off the light to increase the movement speed.
It can glow in dark areas
Can kill multiple targets
Has a longer attack range than most of the melee weapons
Able to perform two stabs at once


– Copy models, sound, sprites foldes to your cstrike folder
– You have 2 choices
+ You are using Zombie Plague 4.3: Use file zp_extra_LightSaber.sma
+ You are using a normal gameplay: Use file CSO_LightSaber.sma

– Get LightSaber
+ With ZP4.3: Open Extra Item menu
+ With Normal Server: Open Console and type “admin_get_lightsaber” (Only for admin).
(You can change the command)

– Author: Dias Leon –

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[CSO] Beam Sword (LightSaber)(2013)


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