[CSO] OICW (2013) (Full)

[CSO] OICW (2013) (Full)
Name: OICW
Version: 1.0
Author: Dias

[CSO] OICW (2013) (Full)
The OICW is the next-generation assault rifle that is fed with 30 rounds of 5.56 NATO and fires 20mm grenade launcher ammunition. It has high firepower and good rate of fire. The grenade launcher attached to it can be used to blast hidden enemies.

High damage
High stun power
High rate of fire
Purchasable by both Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists
Obtainable only from Code Box
Unusable scope
Heavy weight
Low knockback
Long reload time


– Copy models, sound, sprites foldes to your cstrike folder
– You have 2 choices
+ You are using Zombie Plague 4.3: Use file zp_extra_oicw.sma
+ You are using a normal gameplay: Use file oicw.sma

– Get OICW
+ With ZP4.3: Open Extra Item menu
+ With Normal Server: Open Console and type “admin_get_oicw” (Only for admin).
(You can change the command)

– Author: Dias Leon –

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[CSO] OICW (2013) (Full)


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