[CSO] Balrog-XI (2013) (Full)

[CSO] Balrog-XI (2013) (Full)
Name: Balrog-XI
Version: 1.0
Author: Dias

[CSO] Balrog-XI (2013) (Full)
Balrog-XI is a 7 rounds shotgun developed by Aegis Institute. When fired continuously, it will activate the Balrog Charging System that is useful in wide range and can do fatal damage to zombies.
Firing 4 pellets continuously will grant a grenade ammo to the shotgun. Right-clicking fires an explosive ammunition towards the enemy, dealing more damage.

Can do wide spread explosive shot when right click.
Very fast reload time for a shotgun.
High stun to zombies.
High rate of fire as a shotgun.
Its Balrog Charging System deals fatal damage to zombies.
Expensive for a shotgun.
Easily run dry due to its fusillade.
Low magazine capacity.
Have to shoot 4 bullets to obtain a grenade ammo.
Has a delay time(0.5 second) when pressing reload button before performing fast reload.


– Copy models, sound, sprites foldes to your cstrike folder
– You have 2 choices
+ You are using Zombie Plague 4.3: Use file zp_extra_balrog11.sma
+ You are using a normal gameplay: Use file balrog11.sma

– Get Balrog11
+ With ZP4.3: Open Extra Item menu
+ With Normal Server: Open Console and type “admin_get_balrog11” (Only for admin).
(You can change the command)

– Author: Dias Leon –

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