[FIX] ze_skyline & ze_bloodcastle [by m4m3ts]

[FIX] ze_skyline & ze_bloodcastle [by m4m3ts]
Plugin fix for maps ze_skyline & ze_bloodcastle

[FIX] ze_skyline & ze_bloodcastle [by m4m3ts]

This is plugin for those who want to play ze_skyline & ze_bloodcastle in CS 1.6.

Author: m4m3ts

1. Maps Only — Download

2. Fix Maps plugins (All buttons works every round) + Team Semiclip v3.0.2 — Download

3. Semiclip plugins is strongly Recommended !

Requirement for semiclip plugins:

Mods: Counter-Strike 1.6 or Condition-Zero
Metamod: Version 1.21 or later
AMXX: Version 1.8.2 or later
Module: cstrike, engine, fakemeta, hamsandwich
Recommended Module: hamsandwich update 1.4

or just download this.

Amxmodx,metamod,hansandwich_[windows+linux] — Download

For example gameplay in cs 1.6

If you want to move zombie after first infection, here i give the coordinates on each maps on zombie spawn room. there are 3 coordinates on each maps.

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